Cyberfest 2015 – The Urban Jungle

This event is co-produced by Securing Our eCity Foundation and CyberTECH. We are pleased to bring this exciting event to San Diego.

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“In 2008, there were already more “things” connected to the Internet than people. By 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in profits and cost savings coming from IoT over the next decade,” according to Cisco Systems.

Now, in 2015 our world has rapidly transformed to become The Urban Jungle where individuals and organizations are connected to the Internet nearly 100% of the time. While there are huge up-sides to the connectivity with it comes the need for increased responsibilities at both a personal and business level.

This year’s keynote address will be co-delivered by Tom Ridge and Howard Schmidt of Ridge-Schmidt Cyber. Tom Ridge is president of Ridge Global. Howard Schmidt – former Cyber Advisor to President’s Barack Obama and George W. Bush – was also former CSO at Microsoft and CISO at eBay. Their joint perspectives on current events and the potential global impact is something you will want to hear!


Anyone in the business of cyber security or anyone interested in the issues that surround cyber security will benefit from attending the event. Cyber experts, business owners, and technologists involved in the industry will be in attendance.


October 8, 2015
8AM – 7:30PM


Time Sessions Speakers Moderators
8:00 Registration
8:30 Table Topics
9:00 Welcome Rick McElroy; Siege Secure
9:15 Keynote Governor Tom Ridge / Howard Schmidt; Ridge/Schmidt Cyber
10:15 Break
10:30 What’s the Governments Role in Cyber Security? Sherri Lightner; San Diego City Council Michele Robinson; CA Information Security Office Sabrina Feve; US Department of Justice Michael Echols: Department of Homeland Security Gary Hayslip; City of San Diego
11:15 Securing the Internet of Things Bill Bonney; TechVision Research Craig Harper; Sysorex Peter Day; Mintz Levin Chuck Benson; University of Washington Darin Andersen, CyberTECH
12:00 Lunch & Networking Darin Andersen, CyberTECH
13:30 Bridging the Cyber Security Education Gap Bill Reid; Coleman University Adam Selhorst; Ashford University Teresa Macklin; CalState University-San Marcos Winnie Callahan; University of San Diego
14:15 Cyber Security International Panel Sebastian Bortnik; Cibre Segura Argentina Andrew Lee; ESET North America Thomas Gresham; Port Authority Brian Knopf: Founder & CEO of BRK Security Reo Carr; San Diego Business Journal
15:00 Break
15:15 Protecting your Personal & Corporate Brand Marc Clark; Teradata Eva Velasquez; Identity Theft Resource Center Ford Winslow; centrexIT Justine Phillips; Sheppard-Mullin
16:00 Can We Win The War? Shane MacDougall; Hexadiam
16:45 Cocktail Conversation Liz Fraumann; Securing Our eCity Foundation

Session Abstracts:


Two power-house leaders from former government positions, the first Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and President’s Bush and Obama’s cyber security coordinator, join us for a conversation on what keeps world leaders awake at night in the realm of cyber and how important community efforts are in relation to protecting our nation.

What’s the Government’s Role in Cyber Security?

The government has a dual role as it relates to cyber security; its primary responsibility is to protect the interests of its citizens but it also needs to ensure that its own critical data is being protected from attack. This is an incredibly difficult task given the layers of complexity. This session will bring together local, state and federal government resources to discuss the role government plays and what they are doing to protect
privacy and secure our nation.

Securing the Internet of Things

There is no limit to what can be connected to the Internet. According to Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, researchers predict that roadways, buildings, bridges, dams, paper towel dispensers, trash cans, alarm clocks and even milk cartons can and will be connected to the Internet. This session will discuss technical, legal and social issues surrounding security and privacy around the Internet of Things.

Bridging the Cyber Security Education Gap

We have a significant gap in cyber security education. There simply aren’t enough trained cyber defenders. Currently this gap is being closed by organizations spending millions on training and education for employees to bring them up to the levels needed to be effective against the latest threats. What is the Higher Education community doing to help get new cyber defenders in the work force? This session brings together experts to
discuss what steps educators are taking to contribute to winning the Cyber War.

Cyber Security International Panel

We are all familiar with current US laws, regulations and efforts to help protect our systems and data but what is the international community doing about the problem? What are other countries doing to address the threats? This session will be an open discussion of the Global Problem of cyber crime and how the International community is working together to solve the problems.

Protecting your Personal & Corporate Brand

Sony, Target, Anthem… the list goes on and on. What is the impact of a breach to your organizations brand and how can you proactively address the threats to your company’s brand? We all have digital identities and our data is in constant motion how can individuals protect themselves? This session will cover both protecting your personal brand as well as protecting your organizations brand.

Can We Win The Cyber-War?

Even as governments pass legislation to expedite threat intelligence sharing with federal agencies, and the level of protection offered by anti-malware vendors improves, as do threat intelligence sharing efforts, it still seems as if the hackers seem to be gaining the upper hand. Is there any chance for us to win this war, or are we always going to be playing catch up? In this humorous talk, Mr. MacDougall will talk about the hurdles that are in front of us, be they legislative efforts, emerging technologies, or security awareness, and will propose a path forward that can implemented to get us ahead of the hackers.

Click here to download the Session Abstracts.

Table Topics:

At this year’s CyberFest2015 – The Urban Jungle, our table topics are meant to be an open conversation with experts in various Information Security disciplines. These discussions are there for you so take full advantage and ask questions.

Cyber Insurance: PM

TITLE: Cyber Insurance – Things to consider
Lead Expert: Phil DuCoffe, Sr. Vice President, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc.

Much like security technology cyber insurance as changed dramatically as breaches continue to occur. Have lunch with an expert on cyber insurance and learn more. Bring your thoughts and ideas about: How useful is it? Who needs cyber insurance? What should I make sure is included in my coverage? How does making a claim work? What type of data will I need to provide? What do I need to have in place to qualify for cyber insurance?

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs): AM/PM

TITLE: Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) – What are they and how have they evolved?
Lead Expert: Michael Reznick, Sr. Engineer, Carbon Black

APTs are suddenly everywhere and the threat continues to grow. What is an Advanced Persistent Threat and how have they evolved? Meet with an expert on APTs and learn how to harden yourself against them. This guided discussion should leave participants with a better understanding of the threat, the technology and defenses against them.

3rd Party Vendor Management: AM/PM

TITLE: 3rd Party Vendor Management – Assessing your suppliers
Lead Expert: Steve Groom, VP Services; Siege Secure

Sony, Target, these are just two of the organizations who have suffered breaches as a result of 3rd parties. Organizations use 3rd parties for all kinds of services from the Cloud to HVAC these vendors present a real risk to your environment. Are you assessing your suppliers and third parties? Is it formalized or adhoc? How are you tracking risk over time and associating incidents with your suppliers? How are you vetting their security? Meet with an Expert and learn how to better vet your 3rd party providers.

Security for Small Business: AM/PM**

TITLE: Security for Small Business – Increasing security without increasing costs too much
Lead Expert: Alan Watkins, ABWConsulting

Big companies spend Billions on security and the hackers know this. If you are a small company you are a target. Are you a small company struggling to find a way to become more secure? Then this guided discussion is for you. Sit with an expert on Small Business security and learn about tools and resources you can use to better secure your environment.

Creating a Culture of Security: PM

TITLE: Creating a Culture of Security – Social Engineering is alive and well.
Lead Expert: Brian Proctor, Director of Information Security, San Diego Gas & Electric

Security only works if everyone does there part. Breaches are occurring at an alarming rate due to employees clicking on phishing links and being social engineered in to giving data and access to systems. In the middle of deadlines, alerts, metrics and projects how does one lead and build a culture of security in an organization. Meet with an expert on creating a culture of security and learn tips and techniques to better create a positive security culture.

Cyber Law Enforcement: AM/PM

TITLE: Cyber Law – What to report and when to engage
Lead Expert: Brian Nielson / Matt Miller

Cyber Law Enforcement didn’t exist 40 years ago. How has it evolved and what’s law enforcements role in Cyber Security? When should you engage law enforcement? What does a career in Law enforcement look like? Meet with an expert and join your colleagues in discussing these questions.

Privacy and Cyber Security Law: AM/PM

TITLE: Privacy and Cyber Security – Do the lines cross? If so, where and when?
Meghan Land, Attorney, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

The world of privacy and cyber security law is rapidly changing. State laws differ, federal laws and requirements can be challenging to meet. How are you keeping up? Come meet with an expert as we take a deeper dive in to the world of privacy and cyber security law.

Cyber Breach: Before, During and After: AM/PM

TITLE: Cyber Breach: Before, During and After
Lead Expert: Steven Rahseparian and Darin Andersen

Cyber breaches occur on a daily basis. How prepared is your organization for a cyber-breach? Join experts at this session to discuss proactively preparing for a cyber-breach.

Understanding and Building Internal Customer/Vendor Relationships to Achieve Business Outcomes: AM/PM

TITLE: Understanding and Building Internal Customer/Vendor Relations to Achieve Business Outcomes
Lead Expert: Bill Reid, Coleman University & Ford Winslow, centrexIT

Incorporate role-playing” discussion from three perspectives with the overall focus being on understanding and improving business relationships. Come and slip your feet into these shoes. Internal IT Team: What role do our vendors play? What are critical success factors when establishing and building vendor relationships? IT/Security Vendors: Who are our customers and what are their business needs and objectives? Best practices for overcoming barriers and conflict resolution? Education: How are educational institutions incorporating vendor-customer relationships into teachings for future employees? Opportunities to train future employees to become more “orchestrators” of customer, vendor, partner, etc. relations and services.


$99pp – Early Bird Registration – 22 June – 08 September
$149pp – Advanced Registration – 09 September – 07 October
Students and active duty military – $45 (Confirmation of status must be provided)




Port of San Diego, Port Pavilion – Broadway Pier
1000 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101


Embassy Suites
Westin Emerald Plaza
The W Hotel

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