Securing Our eCity Reminds San Diegans about Cyber Holiday Shopping Safety


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Securing Our eCity Reminds San Diegans about
Cyber Holiday Shopping Safety

San Diego, CA –November 21, 2014 – During the holidays, an estimated 255 million shoppers will spend about $61.4 billion. Unfortunately, $5.4 billion is lost due to cybercrime. Holiday shopping creates a gateway and target for cyber criminals. Securing Our eCity Foundation, an award-winning San Diego non-profit focused on cybersecurity, awareness and education, is helping to secure San Diego’s safety with holiday cyber security tips.

Just around the corner are the holidays, one of the cyber criminals favorite times of the year. With increased online shopping, you can help improve your chances of staying safer and not becoming a victim of cybercrime. Securing Our eCity Foundation offers these useful tips:

  • Limit the amount of shopping that you conduct on shared WiFi hotspots and adjust the security on your device to limit who can access your phone/computer.
  • Beware of fraudulent texting, calling, voicemails, and emails. Requests for personal information or immediate action are almost always scam.
  • Naughty apps will be around this holiday season to trick you. Beware of legit-looking, but potentially malicious shopping apps and dubious sources. Download only apps signed by reputable retailers. If in doubt, don’t download.
  • Protect your money! When banking and shopping, check to be sure the site is security enabled. Look for addresses with “https//” and/or “shttp://” which means that the site helps secure your information.
  • Last, but certainly not least, consider buying yourself a gift card directly from your financial institution. This will help protect not only your checking and savings account from cyber criminals, but will help you stick to your budget for gift-giving.

For free tips, tips and resources to live in a safe cyber environment, go to www.securingourecity.org or call 619-630-2444.

About Securing Our eCity Foundation
Securing Our eCity Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization focused on cybersecurity awareness and education. Their mission is to enable every San Diegan to live, work and play safely in the cyber world. The Foundation, formed in late 2011, is based on an initiative started in mid-2008 by ESET North America, an internet security company. Supported through generous donations from organizations like ESET North America and San Diego Gas & Electric, SOeC helps facilitate a safer cyber experience for digital citizens in the greater San Diego area. For more information, visit www.securingourecity.org or call 619-630-2444.