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In an effort to help our visitors prioritize information and tips, “The Latest from SOeC” captures tips from our law enforcement partners and others with top tips on how to stay safer in cyberspace. Additional resources and other important information can be found within the business and/or personal sections of the website.

tips to protect your business & FAMILY from SOeC and the FBI


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Securing Our eCity provide the following tips for you, your organization and family to help learn how to stay safer in cyberspace.

A special thanks to ESET North America, San Diego Gas & Electric, NBC San Diego, Private WiFi, the SOeC Law Enforcement workgroup and many others for helping to make this possible.

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For Business

When you think of work, don’t think of a building, services and products, instead think of your colleagues that comprise your company that provides products and services. It has long been known that people are the weakest link in security issues.

Approximately 85% of SMB owners believe a data breach is unlikely and many more and not implementing even simple cyber security measures to take a proactive step in protecting their organizations information – customers and/or employees according to a recent survey by The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Yet surveys like Trustwave – SpiderLabs 2012 Global Securing Report clearly states the number one recommendation in the Information Security Strategy Pyramid should be: Education of Employees – The best intrusion detection systems are neither security experts nor expensive technology, but employees. Security awareness education for employees can often be the first line of defense.

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For Individuals & Family

Computers have changed over the past several years. The truth be told, smartphones are truly a pocket computer and phone combined with all the capabilities that used to reside on our desks. We can now do video chats via our web connections or use the really-smart applications like Apple’s Facetime! Who knew we would be here ten, maybe even five, years ago?

In a July 2012 study by Business Insider Intelligence, 81% of 25-34 year olds are shown to be using smartphones to stay connected and the 18-24 years old usage is at 74%. It is safe to say connectivity methods have changed. Even looking at 55-64 year olds, over 50% stay connected using smartphones.

Whether you have adopted a smartphone as your primary device for connectivity, are using a tablet or remain tethered to a laptop or desktop – implementing cyber security best practices in your home and on your devices remains your #1 defense and protection.

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