San Diego as a nationally recognized center for cyber security

Did you know that San Diego, the birthplace of Securing Our eCity, is seeking recognition as a nationally recognized center for cyber security excellence? This move has widespread backing from multiple sectors, from cities and county and chamber of commerce, to defense agencies and contractors and security companies.

One example of the enthusiasm behind this initiative is the terrific call to action from San Diego Security.

Getting San Diego nationally recognized as a center for cyber security presents some terrific opportunities for investment and job opportunities because right now, and well into the foreseeable future, cyber security is a major concern for most Americans. Says who? Says the average American, as recently polled by the highly respected Pew Research Center, which found “cyber attacks from other countries” were second only to”Islamic extremist groups like al Qaeda” in a table of answers to “what do you think is the greatest threat to the U.S.?”

Maybe this is not surprising after 2013, the year that saw Snowden’s revelations about NSA cyber-surveillance and an unprecedented breach of payment card data from one of the country’s largest and best known retailers. Cyber security has gone from an esoteric subject, studied and discussed mainly by computer geeks, to a serious concern for 70% of Americans.

At Securing Our eCity, we are proud of the work we have done so far to raise public awareness of cyber security threats and to help people deal with them. We are adding our voice to the calls for national recognition of San Diego’s unique role in tackling cyber threats, and look forward to helping even more people enjoy and employ cyber technology more safely than ever in 2014.